Welcome to the website of the EIG Constellation!

Who are we?

We are a group of five independent translators (from France, the UK and Spain) who have decided to pool our efforts to be able to take on projects we couldn’t manage alone, either because of their size or the languages involved. Constellation was born as a way to centralise incoming translation requests and dispatch them to those among us most suited to handling them.

What this means for you is that you always know exactly who is translating your text, as Constellation is simply an extension of, well, us.

What is an EIG?

“EIG” stands for “economic interest group(ing)” (both variants exist!), and in loose terms, it is a sort of superordinate, flexible structure through which companies can collaborate while maintaining their independence. Our EIG therefore acts as a shared portal for our personal translation businesses – just ours, nobody else. This affords more transparency than a translation agency.

And how does ours work, exactly?

The rule of thumb for translators is that we should only ever work into our native language; no matter how well we may speak our foreign languages, we’ll never be able to create as idiomatic and natural a text as we can in our native one. This means that, if you happen to need a translation into several languages at once, you either have to go to the lengths of finding several translators yourself, or you outsource the task to an agency, accepting that you won’t be able to directly vet the translators working on your text.

Our EIG is therefore a way to bring you the best of both worlds: by collecting all our native languages under one metaphorical roof, we can offer you the opportunity to delegate the management of multilingual projects without having to go through a middleman (or woman!) while still being able to build up a trusting business relationship in which your needs are central.

We hear you: All that’s lovely, but how can we actually help you specifically?

In many ways, we hope! Here’s a little summary of our languages and service offer.

Our services


Translation involves taking a text written in one language, called the “source” language, and recreating it in another language, the “target” language. Sounds simple enough, but it also requires cultural adjustments to ensure that it hits the mark for the target audience. Depending on the situation, these adjustments can range from minor to quite dramatic, which can sometimes force us to get creative…
Translation is usually billed on a per-word basis.


Revision involves comparing an already translated text against its original source text, correcting any mistranslations or grammatical errors it may contain and ensuring that no stylistic traces of the source language slipped through.
Revision is usually billed by the hour.


Proofreading is similar to revision, but involves just one, monolingual text – if you have a text written originally in French, English or Spanish, we can go through it to check for typos and make it read better.
Like revision, proofreading is billed by the hour.


Subtitling involves producing a time-coded .srt file based on a video. This can either be a simple, monolingual transcription, or can involve translation of the audio into one or several languages – though the source language has to be transcribed regardless!
Subtitling is billed by minute of video.

Our rates for each of these services can vary, as they depend on many different factors, including how specialised the field and its terminology are, how tight the deadline is, and how long the text (or video) is. We would be happy to give you a free estimate for any of our services – just let us know what you need!

Our working languages

Despite our best efforts, we unfortunately do not speak every world language (yet!). We do have a few, though – if your project pertains to one of the language combinations below, we might just be able to help you out!

If you have a file in…

French, German, Spanish, Italian

French, German, English

English, German, Italian, Portuguese

and you want it in…




It ‘s a yes
from us!

EIG Constellation

(Economic Interest Grouping subject to French law registered with the Trades & Companies Registry of Versailles under no. 907 503 130)

Constellation is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) comprised of Morgane Delage, Sooner or Translator (Benjamin Daniels), Jorge Berné Ortin, Joana Ferreira Pires and Cornélia Boiroux.
If you have a project going into French only, you can reach out to Morgane (mdelage.traduction@gmail.com), Joana (jfp.traduction@gmail.com) or Cornélia (corneliab.traduction@gmail.com) directly.
If you have a project going into English only, you can reach out to Benjamin (benjamin@soonerortranslator.fr) directly.
If you have a project going into Spanish only, you can reach out to Jorge (trad.berneortin@gmail.com) directly.

If your project is going into several languages, you can get in touch with Constellation by clicking on one of the links below.